What is group fitness?

Training for me was going to the gym with my scheduled workout given to me by my trainer and some days we even got to train together!  I had friends that I would workout with and we always had a great time encouraging one another through our heavy lifts and getting through the workouts together.

When Kyle started working in a gym with group fitness it was a big change.  At first I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  Working with kettlebells and TRX was new for me and honestly I felt a bit intimidated.  Little did I know that it would become my favorite way to train surrounded by encouraging, inspiring people who cheer for one another while all achieving so many various goals.

The first couple of classes I felt like a fish out of water.   Everyone was extremely helpful from the trainers to the members showing proper form and giving different tips on how to get comfortable using TRX, kettlebells and how to properly punch and kick a bag.  It took me a couple of weeks but I got the hang of it and absolutely fell in love with the group fitness atmosphere!

If you have never tried a group fitness class then you are missing out on an amazing experience with so many benefits from extra motivation to unconditional support and a little bit of friendly competition.


Having a trainer leading your class while guiding you makes working out pretty easy.  The other people in the class working hard are extremely motivating.  When you have a certain class time that you go to you create a special bond with everyone there and believe me, they miss you when you don’t make it to class! 


One of the greatest things about group fitness is that everyone is “in it together” and that builds some awesome friendships.  There is nothing like feeling exhausted on the last set or knowing you have five more burpees to do but not feeling the energy to get through it and suddenly you have a group of people cheering you on and finishing up those last burpees with you.  It is encouraging, it is empowering and there is no feeling like it.


One of the best reasons to try group fitness, it’s fun!  With music playing and everyone around you working hard while the trainer is encouraging you through it, you are guaranteed an awesome and fun workout.  Group fitness is perfect for those days when you don’t have the motivation to work out and have low every.  When you step into that class and feel the high energy all around you that will help give you the energy you need!


Every class is different, make sure you look at the schedule so you know what to be prepared for.

Bring a water bottle, stay hydrated through those workouts!

If you have questions or concerns be sure to talk to the trainer before the workout.

Bring your lifting gloves for weight training classes and kickboxing gloves for kickboxing classes.

Always have a clean pair of shoes to change into at the gym.

Talk to other members before the workout so you know what to expect, they are happy to help!

Bring a positive attitude and know you are about to have one of the best workouts.

Group fitness really is an awesome way to find motivation and accountability while getting the results you desire.  No matter your personal goals from running races, weight loss, playing sports, competing in bodybuilding you will get the results you desire and crush your goals!