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My journey with G5 has been transformational on so many levels!  I love that I can come workout at the time of my choosing each day, especially with my shifting schedule.  Kyle and the instructors have been super informative and hands-on to help ensure that I am using the correct form with exercises and weights, while also motivating me to always give it my best.  Earlier this year I participated in a G5 Bootcamp and began PT with Kyle, which took my training and results to a whole other level, and in a great way!  The increased focus on nutrition, mental health, and group support have provided me with an enhanced understanding of what a Healthy Lifestyle truly means.  The exercise portion is often highlighted in society as the main focus for healthy living, and I have certainly seen solid results in my increased core strength from my PT sessions, but G5 has also been integral in helping me to understand these other focuses and to integrate them into my journey as well.

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What sets G5 fitness apart from other programs can be summed up into one word: sustainability. This is a program and a community that you can truly fit into any lifestyle. Everyone is welcome at this gym! Kyle and Stephanie Griffin take the time to listen to your goals, and help you create goals that you haven’t even considered. They carefully craft a nutrition program for each person based on their individual caloric deficit and macro nutrient needs. They teach you that all food is fuel, there are no “bad foods”.  There is NOTHING cookie cutter about G5 Fitness. The daily workouts are constantly changing and can be adapted to any fitness level. The combination of kettlebells, TRX bands, cardio, kickboxing and traditional lifting techniques eliminates the possibility of two work outs ever being the same. This is not a magic pill or a fad diet/exercise program. You will sweat, a lot and will be challenged in ways you never through possible; but if you physically put in the work,  follow your nutrition plan and trust the process you WILL achieve results. I’ve found my second family within the walls of G5 Fitness. This program not only fits into my lifestyle now, it IS my lifestyle. 

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