The Magic Pill…

Contrary to popular belief, there really is a magic pill with health and fitness; it comes in the form of Patience and Perseverance.  Those qualities with the right plan will win every time.

Whatever your goals may be; weight loss, building muscle, running a faster pace, getting off medications are all absolutely attainable when a proper plan is assembled and executed, every single day.

You will have times of great accomplishment followed by times of great frustration. You will feel strong as an Ox and you will feel too weak to get out of bed.  You will drop 3-4lbs out of the blue and the next day you will gain 2lbs back, only drop 3lbs more two days later.

What are we saying? You must realize that to get results you’ve never had you must do things you’ve never done.  It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, stop expecting things to just happen, stop waiting for the perfect time to do that one thing and just do it. 

Patience to allow time for results to happen and the body to change from following you plan and perseverance to be able to push through the most challenging of times will always win in the end! Just remember, YOU GOT THIS!